SCD&C Portfolio

Beautifully Designed, Beautifully Built!

SCD&C has designed, built new and remodeled many homes in the greater Denver, Colorado area as well as in nearby mountain communities of Colorado. Our portfolio is extensive, going back more than 35 years, however, we’ve elected to highlight several recently built, distinctive examples of our design and construction work showing off a range of projects we’ve completed. Enjoy!

SCD&C Custom Homes Built in Evergreen, Colorado

SCD&C designed and built home are homes anyone would be proud to own.

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Another fine SCD&C Built Custom Home in Evergreen Colorado

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SCD&C designed and built this home for the Norton family.

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Interesting Challenges

Construction projects we’ve completed that required unique solutions

Home Office Project in Denver, Colorado See how we saved a wonderful 100 year old stone fireplace and used it as the centerpiece in a brand new home we designed and built in upstate New York!
Another quality Steve Crook Design and Construction project...

Why should your home work space be boring? A SCD&C designed and constructed office interior invites productive work!

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The 100 year-old fireplace


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The old fireplace surrounded by a new house.


Home Improvement Projects & Remodels


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