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Evergreen Colorado’s finest custom home builder, Steve Crook Design and Construction (, has earned its respected reputation as a quality contractor after 40 years in business. Every custom home construction project undertaken is treated as an opportunity to showcase Steve’s design and construction skills resulting in attention to detail discerning clients expect. Invariably, every custom home project Steve has completed has delighted his clients.


“Steve is an artist.” …says a long-time repeat client, without hesitation.

Another custom home homeowner says this: Steve is a true professional, who cared as much about us getting the house of our dreams as we did.

Yet another former client stated: “Steve was good to his word, cognizant of every budgetary detail, and kept a designer’s eye on the process in every way.”


So it is with all of Steve Crook’s clients as it is with construction industry association who awarded Steve this certification as a quality home builder.

Quality Construction Certificate

Quality Construction Certificate from the HBA


Not surprisingly, Steve’s stable of sub-contractors hold Steve’s work ethic in high regard because they are hand-selected, highly skilled professionals who share Steve’s commitment to producing the best examples of custom home building quality, knowledge and workmanship, possible.

If you wish to hear about Steve’s work from any of Steve’s former clients directly you may do so by contacting them on this references page.

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