Solving Home Construction Problems

Picture of Steve Crook with a homeowner discussing a construction detail

Custom builder Steve Crook discusses a construction detail with a homeowner.

Clients frequently contact us about solving construction problems with a existing structure or with questions about a design concept for a new building. We have extensive experience with such building challenges and can help devise a cost-effective, attractive solution to whatever you have in mind.

Graphic image of blueprint and construction tools

Why this approach is ideal, and best for you…

    • No more guessing about what to do about a specific construction problem.
    • “What if” questions are addressed directly.
    • Options can be costed immediately so that project budget objectives can be met.

Our Capabilities

“Been There, Done That”
After More than 40 years in the construction business we’ve seen just about every problem that routinely come your way while building.

“We learn from every new situation”
We’ve solved just about all of the problems we’ve encountered over the past 35 years we’ve been in business.

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