Building FAQ’s

We still love our present home and want to update it’s exterior appearance, improve it’s thermal efficiency and save money; what options do we have?

There are a number of economical options to consider when updating the exterior of your home. One of the most effective is new siding. Products like highly acclaimed James Hardie cement siding can be applied directly over existing siding, minimizing labor costs for removing old siding and eliminating periodic maintenance costs like exterior powerwashing, painting, restaining or waterproofing. Ask us about all the new cost effective technologies available to make adding real value to your home .

We have purchased a lot and we want to start the building process, but are not sure where to begin. Can SCD&C help us ‘get the ball rolling’?

YES! We will review your building site and help you determine the best location for your home and can steer you to a workable home design. We specialize in mountain construction and are very experienced in making a ‘difficult site’ work for the purpose of placing your home to capture views and sunshine. We have a good working knowledge of the local municipalities and will make the procurement process easy for you.

We want to begin the building process but have no idea what it will cost. Can SCD&C help us put together a budget?

YES! We will start by reviewing your situation and give you some ‘rules of thumb’ pricing for all the aspects of your project. We base this pricing on industry standards and our years of experience. If you feel the budget we propose is close to what you expect to spend, we will prepare a firm bid based on the plans you or our associates provide. The firm bid will be on a time and cost basis and we will give you an estimate of what time and costs will be. The cost of a portion of the bid will be deducted from the project cost should you choose to have us build it.

How do we pick from the many home builders and contractors out there? How do we avoid the ‘shysters’ we hear so much about?

REFERENCES, REFERENCES, REFERENCES! You can only make an intelligent choice based on your ‘gut feeling’ and comfort level with a builder, combined with references. You should talk with at least three randomly selected references and ask questions like, “Did they do what they said they would, when they said they would do it?” Also, ask references if the contractor handled unexpected circumstances in a calm, friendly, professional manner. Things DO go wrong on a 6 to 8 month-long project and you want to be sure your builder can ‘think on his feet’ and solve problems as they occur.

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