Save the Stone Fireplace!

We started out with a 100 year old lakeside cabin with a stone fireplace. Now it’s a completely new home which perfectly incorporates the old stone fireplace because the owners just couldn’t give it up. (See first photo below) Saving the fireplace was required, and making it look great inside the new house was part of that requirement.  See how we did it.


Picture of the Lake House before it is demolished

The original house with a portion of the old fireplace exposed.

This is what we started with – the original house with a portion of the old fireplace exposed just after we starting dismantling the old place.


Picture of Lake house after completely rebuilding it.

Save the Fireplace! Just build a new house around it!

The result of careful planning, attention to detail and proper execution. The porch rails and lattice work are custom touches that are reminiscent of the building style often used in the construction of many Adirondack lodges around the turn of the century. (19th century that is!)

Click » to see the pictures and descriptions of how this wonderful home was constructed.


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